We invite you to the Kaszuby Region!

The Kaszuby Region is very often called the Kaszubian Switzerland or the Region of 1000 Lakes.

The most outstanding about this region is its location - at the top of the Lysa hill. It is very distant fron homesteads and surrounded by wild nature and two clean lakes between which border on this picturesque hill.

A nice rest in the peaceful open is something we often dream off, and there is nothing better like coming to us.

The large open space (about 7 hectare) at your disposal makes it possible to do some sports, like: football, volleyball, horse-riding or running. There is also a pond restocked with fish for anglers needs.

As far as water facilities are concerned, there is a sauna, a pool with cold water and water whips at your disposal.

Our facility is not big, since we try to create a friendly, family like atmosphere.

There are double or threesome rooms with bathroom and a kitchen annex for a big family. We also have some single and double rooms with bathrooms, fridges and espresso coffee. Each room is equipped with a satellite television set There is also a possibility of putting in an extra bed for children. All rooms, in offer, are large and in good taste.

We have had a great, child-friendly playground built. There is a water-slide, a sandpit a springboard and pools.

You can have some home-made breakfast, dinner and supper at the Villa Rusticana canteen. Prepared from goods bought at some nearby farmers' houses.

When I was buying this piece of wonder I never thought that apart from exquisite landscape at the Landscape Park, this place keeps a secret. Many of our guests straight marvel at the peacetul nature. However the most important, they experience some positive energy of the place.

I asked some -experts from the Lovers of Stone Rings Society for help. Only at those "strange things" lovers5 instigation, a Ring which resembles the stone rings in Wesiory has come into being. Does it help? Learn yourself, please i only that this picturesque hill, where a fencing used to be, has some positive energy.

Here, one can regain mental balance, the peace of your soul and enjoy calmness of the nature, I am looking forward to confront my impressions with Yours.

Being close to the Tri-city (about 40km away) you have many opportunities taking part in the rich cultural life and do some nice shopping.

See you in the Rings,
Villa Rusticana welcomes You!

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